Class II Voice Analysis Instrument

Multi-Speech, Model 3700

Multi-Speech, Model 3700, software is a low-cost, Windows®-based, speech analysis program, which uses standard multimedia hardware (e.g., Sound Blaster™ boards) to capture, analyze, and play speech samples.

Multi-Speech software brings KayPENTAX quality to the Windows-based software product category.


Multi-Speech software is a comprehensive speech recording, analysis, feedback, and measurement software program. It includes the same analysis features as CSL software, the most widely used speech analysis system. Multi-Speech software also has numerous application-specific program options. It is only limited by the specifications, features, and S/N limitations typical of audio devices in the host computer. If you are using a professional-level device (e.g., CSL, DAT, ADAT, etc.), or your application does not require robust acoustic measurements, Multi-Speech software is ideal. For measurements, or when budgets allow, consider a CSL system. Multi-Speech software is also ideal as an option for CSL so that multiple users can analyze signals acquired by CSL.

Multi-Speech software, with the caveats noted above, can be used for teaching, research, voice measurements, clinical feedback, second language articulation, and forensic work.

Easy to Use

Although powerful, Multi-Speech software is easy to use. Extensive online Help and tutorials guide the user. Commonly performed functions are on the toolbar or are accessed by defined keys (e.g., the F3 key plays the signal). All functions are available on the pull-down menus. A feature called macros stores a list of functions which can be recalled. Multi-Speech is delivered with many pre-written macros, and users can create their own as well. Macros make it easy to automate teaching lessons or clinical protocols. For example, Multi-Speech software includes a macro that loads a speech file, filters the signal to sound like a phone connection, and illustrates the spectrum changes typical of a phone connection. Other macros automate clinical protocols so that evaluation and feedback with clients is quick and easy. Reports are easy because all graphic displays include complete numerical analysis and automatic statistical analysis.


Multi-Speech software’s ease of use is complemented by the powerful feature set of the program. Every function can be adjusted to suit even advanced research requirements. For example, the spectrographic analysis has adjustments for nine filter bandwidths, four window weightings, full scaling, color, pre-emphasis, and dynamic range.


Multi-Speech software is a low-cost, powerful, and easy-to-use speech analysis program with many optional programs. These are ideal for research, teaching, and clinical applications. Multi-Speech, because it is based on the CSL (the leading speech analysis system), includes a wide array of functions and features for speech professionals. Multi-Speech requires a host PC computer and sound device.