Class II Voice Analysis Instrument

Computerized Speech Lab (CSL™), Model 4500

The Computerized Speech Lab (CSL) is KayPENTAX’s most advanced speech analysis system with uncompromised specifications and performance. Indeed, CSL™ systems boast numerous citations in professional peer-reviewed journals (e.g., see KayPENTAX in the News at for a partial list) for their broad range of application in analyzing speech and voice.

Since its introduction a decade ago, CSL has become the instrument of choice for clinicians at leading medical centers and for university researchers. CSL is a complete hardware and software system. The companion CSL software and a rich array of speech analysis and biofeedback software packages are described in separate literature.

CSL Hardware Description

The latest generation CSL hardware, Model 4500, is an input/output recording device for a PC, which complies with the rigorous specifications and features needed for reliable acoustic measurements. It includes a state-of-the-art PCI hardware interface, using ASIO drivers for low latency (i.e., deterministic responsiveness) between the external module and the host computer, as well as a wealth of features ideal for speech analysis. Unlike systems built around generic, plug-in, multimedia sound cards, which were designed primarily for sound output, CSL, with its fully integrated hardware and software, is well tailored for sound input and measurement in the most exacting speech processing applications. CSL offers input signal-to-noise performance typically 20-30dB superior to generic, plug-in sound cards. CSL has been refined over ten years of continuous development to yield a rich set of standard features for speech analysis for teaching, research, voice measurements, clinical feedback, acoustic phonetics, second language articulation, and forensic work. Nineteen optional programs and databases target specific speech applications. CSL provides the necessary features and specifications for efficient, easy, accurate, and repeatable recording and measurement of speech signals for speech professionals.* Complete specifications and more information about KayPENTAX’s acoustic and other products can be found elsewhere on the Web site.

Abbreviated Specifications

Analog Inputs: 4 channels: two XLR and two phono-type, 5mV-10.5V peak-to-peak, channels 3 and 4, switchable AC or DC coupling, calibrated input, adjustable gain range >38dB, 24-bit A/D, Sampling rates: 8000-200,000Hz, THD+N: <-90dB F.S., Frequency Response (AC coupled): 20 to 22kHz +.05dB at 44.1kHz

Digital Interface: AES/EBU or S/P DIF format, transformer-coupled

Software Interface: ASIO and MME

Computer Interface: PCI (version 2.2-compliant), PCI card; 5.0” H x 7.4” W x 0.75” D (half-sized PCI card)

Analog Output: 4 channels, line and speaker, headphone output, channels 1 and 2 provide line &speaker outputs

Physical: 4” W x 8.25” H x 12.5” D, 4 lbs. 12 oz., 45 watts, speaker, and microphone (Shure SM-48 or equivalent, XLR-type)